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Performance Library Database

The Performance Library Database is a fully integrated system allowing any music department or organization to retrieve and manage information on all pieces of music or recordings available in its library. The Performance Library Database, or PLD, provides a level of consistency and reliability not available in common card-catalog systems and spreadsheet applications.

The Performance Library Database can quickly and reliably bring your organization's music library up to speed with modern technology. The lack of consistency in most choral, orchestral, and band cataloguing systems severely limits the ability of music directors or librarians to locate information on a given piece of music. For instance, a school's music database might be stored in an Excel spreadsheet and organized by composer only. This restricts directors' searching capabilities immensely, since they are unable to search by other important attributes, such as title, genre, or instrumentation.

Why Use the PLD?

When asked about the Performance Library Database, Jeffrey Bell-Hanson, D.M.A. from Pacific Lutheran University said the following:

"I make use of the Performance Library Database constantly. It is a quick and easy way of finding out what is in our holdings, a vast improvement over having to walk to the library, search through drawers labeled with an arcane numbering system, and hope that the piece I am looking for has not been misfiled. It has prevented me more than once this year from ordering music we already had."

Convenience: Important music catalog information is stored in one central location. No more inconsistencies between different programs (e.g. band and orchestra) – your organization's music database has been standardized, eliminating data irregularities.

Ease of Use: The PLD was designed with a sleek, easy-to-use web interface that is platform independent and viewable in any web browser. There is no software to install and you can begin using the system within minutes of activation.

Efficiency: Don't waste your time digging through card catalogs or hunting through unorganized storage rooms to see if the piece you are looking for is available. Find all the information about a specific piece within a few mouse clicks!

The User Interface

The following screenshots highlight the user-friendly interface of the Performance Library Database:


PLD Administration Page


PLD Search Page

Feature List

Use of the PLD is controlled by secure logins and 3 distinct permission levels:

  • Administrator: Manage all content
  • Elevated User: Add or update information
  • General User: Browse piece information

Search your entire music library with the option of returning all matches, only choral matches, only orchestra matches, or only band matches.

Search your sheet music library by many different attributes, including title, composer, arranger, editor, genre, time period, publisher, and notes.

Click on a search result to get in-depth information on that particular piece of music. Available data includes instrumentation, condition of conductor's score, edition date, total copies and copies remaining, language, physical location and the date of last performance.

Delete or update music database information on the fly with the Performance Library Database's intelligently designed user interface.

Reference the User Manual or individual help files at any time by clicking the "Help" icon in the upper-right-hand corner of every page.

PLD Fact Sheet

  • Eliminates lack of consistency in preexisting choral, orchestral, and band cataloguing systems.

  • Provides a means for tracking student and director use.

  • Allows for the immediate retrieval of information about a piece of music in the organization's library, such as: performance history, composer, arranger, copies checked out, etc.

  • Includes a 34 page User Manual, a full-featured Help system with advanced Troubleshooting, and an online ticket-based support system.

  • Designed with future enhancements in mind, so the expansion capabilities are endless.

  • The creators are former music students from Pacific Lutheran University and are veterans in database and web technology. They designed the Performance Library Database in cooperation with the Pacific Lutheran University music department.

Interested in Finding Out More?

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If you are intrigued by the PLD's capabilities and can vision it revitalizing your organization's music library, please contact us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you are interested in trying a demo version of the Performance Library Database, head on over to the PLD Online Demo and register for an account to get instant access.