About Us


Trilute is a growing company built from the ground-up by an entrepreneurial team of three individuals sharing a common background. A little about each of the founding members is below.

Brent Chamberlain

Brent Chamberlain is a Systems Engineer for the Washington Electronic Disease Surveillance System at the State Department of Health working under an umbrella project for the Federal Bioterrorism and Homeland Security Project. Last year Brent acted as the interim Chief Technology Officer for the E-Commerce and Technology Resource Center at ePLU. Brent has supported DCARS, an inventory tracking system for the United States Department of Defense, as a Computer Operator for New Mexico Technology. In addition to his colorful industry experience, Brent is a published researcher and has collaborated with Dr. Sam Chung from the University of Washington to publish an article titled "Modeling an eBusiness System Using Java and Open Source Technologies: The First Step of Case-Based Reasoning for Software Design." Brent is an experienced Systems Analyst supporting Linux, Windows and Macintosh servers and open-source database applications such as MySQL. Brent holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Pacific Lutheran University.

Bernie Zimmermann

Bernie graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in May of 2002. He has been designing, developing, and maintaining websites since 1994. Cumulatively, his websites have been uniquely visited by millions of people over the last eight years. In addition to web design and development - including the use of HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP and ColdFusion - Bernie is skilled in XML, Visual Basic, Java, C/C++ and Perl. He worked for Interwrx, a Mesa, Arizona-based Internet Service Provider in the summer of 2001 and is currently employed by a startup company in Kirkland, Washington, that specializes in the voice recognition capabilities of PCs and electronic devices.

Mike Ash

Originally focused on Biology and Chemistry when arriving at Pacific Lutheran University in 1998, Mike changed his major to Computer Science after his first year. Throughout the many classes taken as well as his work for PLU Web Development, Mike has become skilled with Java, C, C++, MySQL, PHP, HTML, and CSS. He spent his summers in college working for Lockheed Martin developing a variety of systems for government clients using Oracle, ASP, ColdFusion, and Access. In May 2002, Mike graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science with minors in Business and Anthropology. Mike is currently employed by SiteCrafting, a web development company located in the greater Tacoma area, as a web application developer.